In the last trading session, U.S. stocks climbed as technology stocks regained momentum. Among the top ETFs, investors saw (SPY – Free Report) gain 1.39%, (DIA – Free Report) rise 1.31%, and (QQQ – Free Report) move higher by 1.83% on the day.

Two more specialized ETFs are worth noting as both saw trading volume that was far outside of normal. In fact, both these funds experienced volume levels that were more than double their average for the most recent trading session. This could make these ETFs the ones to watch out for in the days ahead to see if this trend of extra-interest continues:

(DHS – Free Report): Volume 5.40 times average

This dividend ETF was in the spotlight on Friday as about 321,000 shares moved hands compared with an average of 64,000 shares a day. We also saw some price movement as DHS added nearly 0.8% last session.

The big move was largely the result of investors’ flight to safety and stability that can have a huge impact on high dividend stocks like what we find in this ETF portfolio. DHS has lost 0.3% in the past month and has a Zacks ETF Rank #3 (Hold) with a Medium risk outlook.

(ACWX – Free Report) : Volume 3.02 times average

This international ETF was under the microscope on Friday as nearly 1.8 million shares moved hands. This compares with an average trading day of roughly 635,000 shares and came as ACWX gained about 1% in the trading session.

The movement can largely be blamed on Trump’s protectionist stance and turmoil in Washington that has raised the appeal for international investing. ACWX has gained 0.5% in a month’s time and has a Zacks ETF Rank #3 with a Medium risk outlook.

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