Back in 2007 when Ford Sync was first introduced, it was groundbreaking technology. This was the first largely software-based infotainment system that could be updated easily while letting owners add additional purchased features. In addition, this was the first system of its kind designed to integrate with different portable device and the first time that any automobile maker had introduced a new high-profile feature for all of its model line rather than just more expensive vehicles.

During the economic downturn, Ford Sync was highly successful when it came to getting cars sold. This also put Ford in a unique position of being a technological innovator. Because of Ford’s success, other large automakers began adding infotainment for various portable devices in their vehicles.

Unfortunately various problems such as Bluetooth crashing, a hard-to-use interface, issue with intermittency, and more caused many people to find complaints, leading to a rebuke of the Sync system. This also caused Ford to drop in ranking. Because of what happened, Ford had to decide if Sync would be modified or scrapped.

Raj Nair, chief technical officer and group vice president for Fod said earlier this week that Sync 3 will come out but that it requires additional research. To develop the new system, the company depended on more than 22,000 comments and suggestions from people who had actually used the system.

Adding to Nair’s comment, Gary Jablonski, manager of Infotainment Product Development with Ford said that in addition to consumer feedback, Sync 3’s was made possible due to 18 months of research clinics, as well as testing, benchmarking within the tech industry, and multiple market surveys.

Jablonski stated that he previewed the new Sync 3 and while it was a static demo, something not actually installed in an automobile, he was impressed. Obviously, recreating the initial Sync is impossible so what the company is focusing on is making sure Sync 3 is not revolutionary as with the first case but more volutionary. The new Sync 3 will also boast some additional features that make it stand out.

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