Banco Espírito Santo Angola is not only known for its financial performance, but also for its hard work in corporate citizenship. In economic sustainability, BESA was honoured by UNESCO and the International Committee for the Development of Planet Earth for promoting sustainability in Angola. It was crowned ‘BESA, the Bank for the Planet’, which means it will be able to mark a presence at all the International Year of Planet Earth activities. BESA, in this manner, has the chance to express its concern for the promotion of sustainable development.

Since 2007, it has worked with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in supporting the return and reintegration of Angolan refugees, as well as refugees from other African countries. Over several years, it has sponsored the implementation of a Portuguese Language Teaching Programme for thousands of people, both adults and children.

Established projects
BESA and the Banco Espírito Santo group will be present at the Planet Earth summit taking place in Lisbon in November 2009, which will be attended by heads of state, the UN Secretary General and King Gustav of Sweden among others, as well as various entities promoting sustainable development.

In partnership with the Angolan Government, BESA is also playing a part in organising the African Forum for Sustainable Development, to take place in Luanda, Angola, in 2010. This event supported by the United Nations, which will be held every two years, aims to discuss the best solutions for Africa’s environmental problems.

The various research studies published each year in Angola and others by prestigious institutions from all over the globe attest to Banco Espírito Santo Angola’s prestige and financial soundness. Aside from its banking sector performance, BESA is notable for its activity in social responsibility.

The BESAcultura project is unique in its dedication to holding initiatives which valorise Angolan cultural roots, expressed through contemporary art.

In 2009, BESA will hold the photography competition for the second time, this being an eagerly awaited initiative. BESA foto2009 will be organised in partnership with World Press Photo (WPP), the prestigious and world famous organisation. Alongside the competition, a travelling exhibition of the best entries will be organised, which will stop at various cities in Angola. The aim is to promote rising new artists and to take Angolan photographs and culture beyond Angola’s borders.

In 2009, BESA and WPP are promoting a project linked to UNESCO’s Year of Planet Earth, selecting 5 photographers from Angola, Tanzania, Namibia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe to produce different works on the subject of Planet Earth, resulting in a travelling exhibition which will be present at the World Planet Earth Summit in Lisbon and will circulate through all Angola’s provinces.

“A worldwide mission” is the tagline for BESA’s new campaign, which reinforces its leadership position in the Angolan financial market while at the same time staking its claim as a frontrunner in offering the market high quality products and services and as an entity fostering and disseminating Angolan culture and, above all, sustainable development.

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