I am covering the short on Goldman Sachs not because I don’t think it’s going lower (I do), but because I am all about balance and I was out of balance and today just felt like a time to take profit.I am up nicely over the last week and now it is about getting back into equilibrium (and raising cash).I don’t want to be heavy short.I want cash, risk ‘off’ vehicles (like T bonds*), gold mining (now with partial hedging) and a ‘rest easy’ mindset as things play out.

GS had done a turn as a successful NFTRH+ long and then was highlighted as a bear position in the NFTRH+ notes segment of weekly reports.The measurement on the chart is around 135.

Long-term T bond position too good to pass up profit.Fellow NFTRH+’er TLT is sold for a good profit and a month’s worth of dividend income to boot.Still holding TIP for reasons illustrated by Michael Ashton, the ‘inflation guy’ in a post a while back.

gs weekly chart

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