• Tech stocks have been beaten up since peaking on March 12. An escalating trade war and privacy issues remain headwinds, and present a bargain-hunting opportunity.
  • A powerful stock screener is a great tool for identifying stocks likely to bounce back. Look for stocks that have dropped more than 10% in the past month, are up over the last year, and have positive expectations.
  • Oracle is a quality, battered company with Wall Street and quant valuation models forecasting appreciation, and negligible China exposure. Price and enterprise value multiples indicate the stock is oversold relative to its peers.
  • Playing a Tech Bounce

    Facing headlines of a trade war with China and privacy issues, the Tech sector has gotten beat down, creating an opportunity to bargain shop. Now is the time to be aggressive and grab a great stock at depressed values.

    The Tech sector peaked on March 12 based on the proxy Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLK), and has dropped by nearly 7.5% since. Finbox.io’s stock screener makes quick work of finding stocks ready to rise from the ashes.

    Candidates were narrowed down initially by setting the filters to look for Information Technology stocks with at least a $1 billion market cap that have fallen 10%+ over the last month but had positive gains over the last year. This screen also looked for expectations of 15%+ upside using both the average price target based on at least five analysts and finbox.io’s fair value model.

    These filters returned five tech stocks that have recently tripped up, but have a positive trend and are undervalued from the perspective of qualitative and quantitative analysis. For a comparison of the results, valuations multiples were added along with beta and fair value Uncertainty. The view below sorts the stocks by their Enterprise Value-to-Free Cash Flow multiples.

    Source: Finbox.io

    To round out the picture, technicals were also included to ensure that the stocks have not fallen too much. A drop of more than 10% below the 50-day moving average indicates that support may have been broken. Another indicator of momentum is how close the stock is to its 52-week high, where a higher percentage shows better investor sentiment.

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